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Insurance With Criminal Record

Everyone has the right to be well insured.

Properly protect your car, home or business despite your criminal record with affordable, non-standard insurance that’s made for you. It’s both possible and easy with Jassure. Give it a try!

Having a criminal record can be a problem in many ways. Here, we don’t pass judgment, we’re here to insure you at the best possible rates.

Your criminal record has an impact on your insurance policy. However, each case is different and requires careful analysis. The severity of the offence and the time elapsed since it was committed, for example, are some factors that will affect your insurance on different levels. Without a doubt, you need an expert like a Jassure insurance broker who understands your situation and can present your case to its insurers in the most favourable way possible.

Whether it’s for your car, your home or your business, proper insurance is essential despite your criminal record. Fortunately, our experts at Jassure always find a solution for your insurance.

The Importance of Criminal Record

Transparency is essential. Anyone with a criminal record must declare it to their insurer. Whether you are asked directly or not, you must make mention of your criminal record when you purchase or renew your car insurance or home insurance.

It is essential to declare any information that could affect an insurer’s assessment of the risk – and a criminal record is one of them. If you omit to declare your criminal record, your claim may be denied. No compensation for the damages made to your car or your house, that’s a problem you can easily avoid by contracting a specialized insurance with Jassure.

What to Do With Your Criminal Record

To apply for home or auto insurance with a criminal record, you will need to provide a copy of your docket with the selective index. You can obtain these documents at any courthouse in Quebec.

Why Work With Us

Our team has been specializing in non-standard insurance for over 50 years and has access to a wide network of insurers. Our experts understand your situation and advise you in a conscientious manner. With courteous, non-judgmental service, we tailor your coverage to obtain the best possible rates.

We are confident that we can offer you the right insurance at the best possible price. Get your quote by calling toll-free1 888 368-8268 or514 288-5177 for the Montréal area. It’s completely free and without any obligation on your part. Contact us!

Following-up your case

Our goal is to transfer you insurance to a regular insurer as soon as possible. Your broker will frequently verify your file and your insurance will be transferred to a standard insurer as soon as you are eligible. Your complete satisfaction is our concern.

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