Insurance for Non-Standard Business

Commercial insurance for special risks, it's Jassure's business

Over the past few years, regular insurers have become generally reluctant to offer commercial insurance to non-standard businesses. This makes it difficult for entrepreneurs with innovative business concepts. Regular insurers systematically deny coverage for first-time submissions.

Fortunately, Jassure can offer you the insurance policy you need in most situations. We put in the time required to complete a thorough analysis of each case to produce a detailed risk presentation to insurers. This allows us to properly demonstrate the type of case and the risk level carried by insurers.

This careful process will allow for a better risk assessment by the insurer and to get not only their approval, but also under favourable terms for our clients.

Our brokers possess tremendous experience in special risk insurance. They’ll be able to advise you in a thorough manner in order to adapt your coverage and your premium with optimal results.

We are convinced we can offer you the proper insurance at the best possible rates. Take a few minutes to get your quote by calling us toll-free at
1-888-368-8268 or
514-288-5177 for Montreal. It’s completely free and with no further obligation on your part.

Following-up your case

Our goal is to transfer you insurance to a regular insurer as soon as possible. Your broker will frequently verify your file and your insurance will be transferred to a standard insurer as soon as you are eligible. Your complete satisfaction is our concern.

  • All cases are analyzed

  • Monthly payment on all contracts

  • Courteous and comprehensive service

  • Quick and free quotes

  • Affordable terms and conditions

  • Courteous and comprehensive service

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