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Everyone has the right to be well insured.

Specialized insurance at a reasonable cost.

Whatever your situation, we will find the best insurance solutions for you, at a reasonable cost. Our experts understand your reality and are there to help you. No worries, just solutions: your case will be in good hands with our specialized insurers.

Getting insurance is a right.

Whatever your situation, Jassure’s experts work with a solid network of specialized insurers to give you access to fair protection today and for a long time.

No matter what your insurability issue is (criminal record, license suspension, vacant house, rental property, cancellation for non-payment or other) at Jassure, each risk is carefully analyzed to find the best solution.

Some insurers are reluctant to insure people who represent high risks. At Jassure, we leave no one aside and commit to finding fair, accessible solutions that are adapted to the needs of each individual, even in the case of complex situations.

The experts at Jassure can help you regain your peace of mind.

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