Insurance with a DUI

Finding a car insurance after being suspended for driving under the influence: it’s both affordable and easy with Jassure.

Have you had your driver’s license suspended for drinking and driving or need to install a breathalyzer? Don’t worry – we have the auto insurance you need. Our team insure all insurance cases, even those involving driving under the influence. Take advantage of our expertise in DUI insurance!

Our team has extensive experience in non-standard insurance, especially for individuals who have been suspended for drinking and driving or impaired driving. We have long been the reference when it comes to DUI insurance and other special risks.

Here at Jassure, our experts analyze each case conscientiously in order to best understand your situation. Our goal is to obtain the most optimal coverage despite your DUI charges. Jassure is Quebec’s specialist in auto insurance with impaired driving. We always try to offer you advantageous conditions at the lowest rate possible.

Why Contract an Insurance After a DUI?

Here, we don’t pass judgment. Just remember that it is essential to declare your conviction to your insurer when you buy or renew your car insurance. Otherwise, in the event of a claim, it could be denied. No compensation for the damages made to your car: that’s a headache you can easily avoid by contracting a DUI insurance with Jassure.

Also, don’t forget that liability insurance is mandatory in Quebec. You must therefore have contracted an auto insurance for your vehicle before taking the road. Contact our experts at Jassure today.

Your SAAQ Driving Record

When applying for DUI insurance, it is recommended that you have an up-to-date copy of your SAAQ driving record. You can obtain this document at any SAAQ office or on the Internet at the following address: It facilitates the process of issuing your auto insurance policy for your vehicle.

Why Work With Us

Our team has been specializing in non-standard insurance for over 50 years and has access to a wide network of insurers. Our experts understand your situation and advise you conscientiously for your DUI insurance. With courteous, non-judgmental service, we tailor your coverage to get the best possible rates.

We are confident that we can offer you the right car insurance at the best possible price despite your record of impaired driving. Get your quote by calling toll-free 1 888 368-8268 or 514 288-5177 for the Montréal area. It’s completely free and without any obligation on your part.

Following-up your case

Our goal is to transfer you insurance to a regular insurer as soon as possible. Your broker will frequently verify your file and your insurance will be transferred to a standard insurer as soon as you are eligible. Your complete satisfaction is our concern.

  • All cases are analyzed

  • Monthly payment on all contracts

  • Courteous and comprehensive service

  • Quick and free quotes

  • Affordable terms and conditions

  • Non-standard insurance specialists

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